Green Revolution

The Green Revolution Energy Saver System (home, small business and industrial size systems).

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“Our Green Revolution™ Energy Saver™" uses state of the art technology to actively monitor and improve the power factor in your home or business. The Energy Saver™ reduces active power and KwH demands and also acts as a voltage stabilizer by storing energy for up to 10 seconds.

Because of this, the Energy Saver™ is able to supply the load with constant voltage during the momentary power surges that happen frequently in your home or business. This results in a savings of up to 25% on your monthly electric bill and a longer lifespan on all electrical appliances in your home or business.

Depending upon the rate structure of your electric utility, you may be able to save a substantial amount of money on your electric bill. Pay-back period for an equipment purchase including installation cost may be six months up to three years.

The Green Revolution™ Industrial Energy Saver™ is made for your commercial application. Our Industrial Energy Saver™ is the solution when our plug-in units just aren’t enough for your application.  Call for pricing on these larger units.


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To watch a video demonstration of how this green product can save you money, visit our youtube page.